Communications solutions from an Emmy award winning communicator. Whether it’s getting your message through to the media, getting your staff to deliver interesting and effective presentations or looking and sounding better on camera, you need MRC.

Lesson in less than a minute


Presentation coaching

Your presentations will be more effective and interesting. You’ll improve all aspects of delivery. You will be coached on voice, posture and personality.
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Media training

You’ll learn to be comfortable and confident in a media interview. You’ll learn a simple but effective tool to answer a media question. You’ll learn how to craft a message into a quote.
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On camera Technique

You’ll look and sound better on camera. You’ll learn all the little tricks that make the professionals look so natural. You’ll learn to read a teleprompter like a pro.
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“Your media training was excellent.”

Margaret Campbell
Venture Strategies

“Thank you again. I learned a great deal from you and I feel much more comfortable with my ability to handle interviews.”


“Manny was thorough, detailed and very observant. He made sure our executives were ready to face even the most skeptical critics.”

Mary Stutts, Elan Corporation
Senior Vice President
Head of Corporate Relations


“Manny Ramos combines his media savvy, based on years of hands-on broadcast experience, with an approachable and supportive training style. He communicates effectively with executives so that they can–and want to– absorb what they are learning, a true talent in his field.”

Sondra Harris
President of Sondra Harris Public Relations
Former Director of Public Relations, Charles Schwab

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